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A wonderful place with wonderful people

Last but not least, the Folkwang University of the Arts is special on account of its unique historic buildings and the many special people who have always been – and still are – here: Pina Bausch (dancer and choreographer), Armin Rohde and Caroline Eichhorn (actors), Frank Peter Zimmermann (violinist), Lothar Zagrosek (conductor), Hagen Rether (cabaret artist), Timm Rautert (photographer) to name just a few, did their study at the Folkwang. A whole array of important cultural, scholarly and creative pathways has been forged here. And every single day new highlights are being reached – in terms of aesthetics, content and setting cultural directions for the whole region and the international scene.



Applying for a study place

The Folkwang University of the Arts offers you a wide range of subjects in the areas of Music, Theatre, Dance, Design and Academic Studies to choose from. An overview of all undergraduate and post-graduate study courses is available on the website of the study courses on offer.


The basic entrance requirement for our artistic study courses consists of a university entrance qualification (or a first higher education degree) as well as evidence of artistic or study course-specific aptitude.

As part of the application process, you must provide evidence of this by passing an aptitude test at our university.

Details on the further entrance and language requirements for the individual study courses are available on the respective study course website under "Basic information.

further information:

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