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Alexandra Forstner

2001 born in Bamberg 

musical education:

2006-2016                piano lessons with Andrea Paletta

2009-2015                flute lessons with Marcos Fregnani-Martins , Bernadette Liebl

since 2015               'Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg', pre-college,  Prof. Anne-Cathérine Heinzmann

since 2016                piano lessons with Natalia Solotuch and Silke Avenhaus

prizes and scholarships:

2013-2014               competitions ' Jugend musiziert' . 1. prizes in categories flute and piano solo

2015                         1. prize, 'Jugend musiziert', gained high scores

                                  special prize of  'Deutschen Stiftung  Musikleben'

                                  Azumi Flute Contest, 1.prize

2016                         chamber music competition Bamberg, 1. prize Flute Trio

2018                         Lions Musik Prize Competition, 1. prize


2014-2016              Youthorchestra Bavaria

2016                        Germany Youth Orchestra


Shantala Valentin

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